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photo by Lee Crowder
photo by Lee Crowder
photo by United VFR
photo by United VFR
photo by Moon Run VFC
photo by Moon Run VFC
photo by Pleasant Valley VFC, Sta 217
photo by Pleasant Valley VFC
photo by Pierce
photo by Pierce
photo by Brentwood VFC, Sta 116
photo by Brentwood VFC, Sta 116
photo by Glick Fire
photo by Glick Fire
photo by Todd Shipley
photo by Todd Shipley
photo by Forest Gove FD, Sta 243
photo by Forest Gove FD, Sta 243
photo by Steve Norcup
photo by Steve Norcup
Allegany County  was established in 1788 and it is located in the western region of the state. With a population of approximately 1,223,348 the county has a total area of 745 square miles, and the county seat is Pittsburgh.

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Help Needed  If you are a firefighter in Allegeny County, we need your help to verify the station information shown below is current and correct.

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photo by WTAE TV-4

photo by Fairview VFD, Sta 268
Fire Departments  in  Allegeny County
Station Department Address City Zip Municipality
101 Aleppo Twp VFD 100 North AVE Sewickley   Aleppo
102 Aspinwall VFD 217 Commercial AVE Aspinwall   Aspinwall
103 Avalon VFD 629 New Brighton Road Avalon   Avalon
104 South Baldwin VFC 5311 McAnnulty Road Pittsburgh   Baldwin Boro
105 Baldwin #1 VFD 3049 Churchview AVE Pittsburgh   Baldwin Boro
106 Becks Run VFD 801 Becks Run Road Pittsburgh   Baldwin Boro
107 Option VFD 825 Streets Run Road Pittsburgh   Baldwin Boro
108 Bellevue VFD Hawley & Bayne AVE Pittsburgh   Bellevue
109 Ben Avon VFC 7219 Church AVE Ben Avon   Ben Avon
110 Bethel Park VFC 5213 Brightwood Road Bethel Park   Bethel Park
111 Blawnox VFC 376 Freeport Road Blawnox   Blawnox
112 Pioneer Hose Company 124-128 Morgan Street Brackenridge   Brackenridge
113 Braddock VFD 1100 Braddock AVE Braddock   Braddock
114 Braddock Hills VFD 513 Park AVE Braddock Hills   Braddock Hills
115 Bradford Woods VFC Wexford Run Road Bradford Woods   Bradford Woods
116 Brentwood VFC 2624 Brownsville Road Brentwood   Brentwood
117 Bridgeville VFD 370 Commercial Drive Bridgeville   Bridgeville
118 Carnegie VFD #1 Glass Street Carnegie   Carnegie
119 Castle Shannon VFD 3600 Library Road Castle Shannon   Castle Shannon
120 Chalfant VFD Lynwood & Rosemore East Pittsburgh   Chalfant
121 Cheswick VFD 1411 Spruce Street Cheswick   Cheswick
122 Churchill VFC 2298 William Penn Highway Pittsburgh   Churchill
123 Clairton VFD 551 Ravensburg BLVD Clairton   Clairton
124 Kirwin Heights VFD 1200 Washington Pike Collier Twp   Collier
125 Presto VFD 837 Thomas Run Road Presto   Collier
126 Rennerdale VFD 30 Suburban AVE Carnegie   Collier
127 Coraopolis VFD 1012 Fifth AVE Coraopolis   Coraopolis
128 Crafton VFD 100 Stotz AVE Pittsburgh   Crafton
129 Crescent Twp VFD 79 McGovern BLVD Crescent   Crescent
130 Dormont VFD 1455 Hillside AVE Pittsburgh   Dormont
131 Dravosburg VFD #1 6th & Ravine Street Dravosburg   Dravosburg
133 Duquesne VFD 12 South 2nd Street Duquesne   Duquesne
134 East Deer VFD 927 Freeport Road Creighton   East Deer
135 United VFR 611 Broadway Street East McKeesport   East McKeesport
136 East Pittsburgh VFD 519 Bessener AVE East Pittsburgh   East Pittsburgh
137 Edgewood VFD 2 Race Street Edgewood   Edgewood
138 Edgeworth VFD 301 Beaver Road Sewickley   Edgeworth
139 Elizabeth VFD 107 Market Street Elizabeth   Elizabeth Boro
142 Blaine Hill VFC 409 Oxford AVE Elizabeth   Elizabeth Twp
143 Elizabeth Twp FD #1 1799 Blythedale Road Buena Vista   Elizabeth Twp
144 Greenock VFC 1000 Greenock-Buena Vista Road Greenock   Elizabeth Twp
145 Buena Vista VFC 3333 Fire Station Street Buena Vista   Elizabeth Twp
146 Victory VFD 2820 Douglas Run Road Elizabeth   Elizabeth Twp
147 Central VFC 425 Scenery Drive Elizabeth   Elizabeth Twp
148 Emsworth VFC 171 Center AVE Pittsburgh   Emsworth
149 Etna VFD 27 Cresent Street Etna   Etna
150 Fawn #1 VFD 497 Lardintown Road Tarentum   Fawn
151 Fawn #2 VFD 182 Fawn Drive Natrona Heights   Fawn
152 Imperial VFD 115 Main Street Imperial   Findlay
153 Forest Hills VFD 2071 Ardmore BLVD Pittsburgh   Forest Hills
154 Gallatin-Sunnyside VFD 3325 Rainbow Run Road Monongahela   Forward
155 Forward Twp VFD RD 3 Robert Hollow Road Elizabeth   Forward
156 Bunola VFC 366 Bunola River Road Bunola   Forward
157 Fox Chapel VFD 401 Fox Chapel Road Pittsburgh   Fox Chapel
158 Franklin Park VFC 2360 Rochester Road Sewickley   Franklin Park
159 Frazer VFD #1 2020 Bakerstown Road Tarentum   Frazer
160 Frazer VFD #2 111 Frazer #2 Lane Tarentum   Frazer
161 Citizens Hose #1 VFD 525 Allegheny AVE Glassport   Glassport
163 Greentree VFC 825 Poplar Street Greentree   Greentree
164 Hampton Twp VFD #1 2536 Duncan AVE Allison Park   Hampton
165 North Hampton VFD Wildwood Road EXT Allison Park   Hampton
166 Harmar Twp VFC 1000 Freeport Road Cheswick   Harmar
167 Citizens Hose #2 VFD 965 Burtner Road Natrona Heights   Harrison
168 Hilltop VFD Cambridge AVE Natrona Heights   Harrison
169 Harrison Hills VFD 5300 Freeport Road Natrona Heights   Harrison
170 Heidelberg VFD 456 First Street Heidelberg   Heidelberg
171 Homestead VFC 212 E 9th Street Homestead   Homestead
172 Dorseyville VFD 100 Charles Street Dorseyville   Indiana
174 Middle Road VFD 2034 Middle Road Glenshaw   Indiana
175 Rural Ridge VFD 135 Little Deer Creek Road Rural Ridge   Indiana
176 Ingram VFD 40 West Prospect AVE Pittsburgh   Ingram
178 Floreffe VFC 1540 State Street Jefferson Hills   Jefferson Hills
179 Gill Hall VFC 1228 Gill Hall Road Jefferson Hills   Jefferson Hills
180 Jefferson 885 VFC 380 Wray Drive Jefferson Hills   Jefferson Hills
181 Kennedy Twp VFC 1796 Pine Hollow Road McKees Rocks   Kennedy
182 Kilbuck Twp VFD 345 Eicher Road Pittsburgh   Kilbuck
183 Liberty Boro VFD 900 Haslage Street McKeesport   Liberty
184 Lincoln Boro VFC #1 150 Portvue Road Elizabeth   Lincoln
185 Marshall Twp VFD 270 Northgate Drive Warrendale   Marshall
186 Highland VFD 8705 Harold Place Pittsburgh   McCandless
187 Ingomar VFC Harmony Drive Ingomar   McCandless
188 Peebles VFC 1391 Duncan AVE Pittsburgh   McCandless
189 McKees Rocks VFD Bell AVE & Linden McKees Rocks   McKees Rocks
190 McKeesport FD 201 Lysle BLVD McKeesport   McKeesport
191 Millvale VFD 501 Lincoln AVE Millvale   Millvale
192 Monroeville VFC #1 122 Elmwood Street Monroeville   Monroeville
193 Monroeville VFC #3 2601 Third Street Monroeville   Monroeville
194 Monroeville VFC #4 4370 Northern Pike Monroeville   Monroeville
195 Monroeville VFC #5 100 Seco Road Monroeville   Monroeville
196 Monroeville VFC #6 600 Garden City Drive Monroeville   Monroeville
197 Moon Twp VFC 1000 Beaver Grade Road Coraopolis   Moon
198 Mt Lebanon VFD 710 Washington Road Pittsburgh   Mt Lebanon
199 Mt Oliver VFD 120 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh   Mt Oliver
200 Munhall VFC #1 1300 Martha Street Munhall   Munhall
201 Munhall VFC #2 1900 West Street Munhall   Munhall
202 Munhall VFD #3 2412 Charles Street Munhall   Munhall
203 Park VFC #4 3401 Main Street Munhall   Munhall
204 Munhall VFD #5 1817 Whitaker Way Munhall   Munhall
205 Neville Island VFD 5009 Grand AVE N I Pittsburgh   Neville Island
207 North Braddock VFD 600 Anderson Street North Braddock   North Braddock
209 North Fayette VFD 7678 Old Stubenvule Oakdale   North Fayette
210 FD North Versailles 407 Dixon AVE North Versailles   North Versailles
213 Crestas Terrace VFD 1021 Broad Street North Versailles   North Versailles
214 West Wilmerding VFD 518 Oakhurst Drive North Versailles   North Versailles
215 Oakdale Hose VFC 6111 Nobelstown Road Oakdale   Oakdale
216 Oakmont VFD 418 Virginia AVE Oakmont   Oakmont
217 Pleasant Valley VFC 154 Kittanning Pike Pittsburgh   O'Hara
218 Parkview VFD 726 Midway Drive Pittsburgh   O'Hara
219 Guyasuta VFD Old Freeport Road Pittsburgh   O'Hara
220 Ohio Twp VFD 1520 Roosevelt Road Pittsburgh   Ohio
221 Penn Hills VFD #1 7520 Mt Carmel Road Pittsburgh   Penn Hills
222 Rosedale VFD #2 5806 Verona Road Penn Hills   Penn Hills
223 North Bessemer VFD #3 1701 Leechburg Road Pittsburgh   Penn Hills
224 Penn Hills VFD #4 Sixth & Center AVE Verona   Penn Hills
225 Penn Hills VFD #5 2797 Robinson BLVD Penn Hills   Penn Hills
226 Penn Hills VFD #6 2240 Main Street Penn Hills   Penn Hills
227 Penn Hills VFD #7 1235 Universal Road Pittsburgh   Penn Hills
228 Wexford VFC 122 Wexford Bayne Road Wexford   Pine
229 Pitcairn VFD #1 100 South Center AVE Pitcairn   Pitcairn
230 Pitcairn VFD #2 8th & Brinton Street Pitcairn   Pitcairn
231 Pittsburgh Fire Bureau 100 Grant Street Floor 6 Pittsburgh   Pittsburgh
232 Pleasant Hills VFC 73 Clairton BLVD Pittsburgh   Pleasant Hills
233 Unity VFD 340 Old Leechburg Road Pittsburgh   Plum
234 Renton VFD 222 Renton AVE Plum   Plum
235 Logans Ferry VFD 1001 Summit Street New Kensington   Plum
236 Holiday Park VFD 415 Abers Creek Road Pittsburgh   Plum
237 Vigilant VFD Hose #1 1800 Romwe AVE Port Vue   Port Vue
238 Rankin VFD 320 Hawkins AVE Rankin   Rankin
239 Mt Troy VFD 33 Lonsdale Street Pittsburgh   Reserve
240 Spring Garden VFC 3367 Spring Garden AVE Pittsburgh   Reserve
241 Richland VFD Meridan Road Gibsonia   Richland
242 Valencia VFD 61 Almira Street Valencia   Richland
243 Forest Grove VFD 2044 Ewings Mell Road Coraopolis   Robinson
244 Groveton VFD 4596 Hayes AVE Coraopolis   Robinson
245 Moon Run VFC 5624 Steubenville Pike Pittsburgh   Robinson
246 Evergreen VFC 2127 Babcock BLVD Pittsburgh   Ross
247 Berkeley Hills VFC 235 Seibert Road Pittsburgh   Ross
248 Perrysville VFC 985 Perry Highway Pittsburgh   Ross
249 Quaill VFD 50 Gass Road Pittsburgh   Ross
250 Fairview VFD 44 East Forest AVE Pittsburgh   Ross
251 Seville VFC 124 Enger AVE Pittsburgh   Ross
252 Keating VFC 39 West View AVE Pittsburgh   Ross
253 Laural Gardens VFD 160 6th AVE Pittsburgh   Ross
254 Ross Twp Fire Marshal 235 Cemetery Lane Pittsburgh   Ross
255 Bower Hill VFD 161 Vanadium Road Bridgeville   Scott
256 East Carnegie VFC 305 Duncan Way Carnegie   Scott
257 Glendale VFD Hose #1 541 Carothers AVE Carnegie   Scott
258 Cochran Hose Company Borough Building Sewickley   Sewickley
259 Bauerstown VFD 15 Wible Run Road Bauerstown   Shaler
260 Cherry City VFC 309 Davis AVE Pittsburgh   Shaler
261 Elfinwild VFD 2807 Mt Royal BLVD Glenshaw   Shaler
262 Shaler Villa VFD 960 Saxonburg BLVD Pittsburgh   Shaler
263 Sharpshill VFD 503 Berner Street Pittsburgh   Shaler
264 Undercliff VFC 700 Mt Royal BLVD Pittsburgh   Shaler
265 Sharpsburg VFD 1611 Main Street Sharpsburg   Sharpsburg
266 South Fayette VFD 661 Millers Run Road Cuddy   South Fayette
267 Sturgeon VFD 526 Main Street Sturgeon   South Fayette
268 Fairview VFD 3326 Washington Pike Bridgeville   South Fayette
269 Oak Ridge VFD 1214 Oak Ridge ROAD McDonald   South Fayette
270 Broughton VFD 1030 Cochran Mell Road Pittsburgh   South Park
271 Library VFC 6581 Library Road Library   South Park
272 Coulter VFC 414 Tourman Street Coulter   South Versailles
273 Springdale Boro VFD 845 Lincoln AVE Springdale   Springdale Boro
274 Springdale Twp VFD 851 Parkway Drive Harwick   Springdale Twp
275 Fleming Park VFD 1460 Fleming AVE McKees Rocks   Stowe
276 West Park VFD 716 Broadway McKees Rocks   Stowe
277 Presston VFD 369 Helen Street McKees Rocks   Stowe
278 Swissvalle FD 7560 Roslyn Street Swissvalle   Swissvalle
279 Swissvalle VFD #2 7419 Washington Street Swissvalle   Swissvalle
280 Highland Hose VFD 401 East 8th AVE Tarentum   Tarentum
281 Eureka Hose VFD 304 Third AVE Tarentum   Tarentum
282 Summit Hose VFD 321 West 7th AVE Tarentum   Tarentum
283 Turtle Creek VFD 125 Monroeville AVE Turtle Creek   Turtle Creek
284 Upper St Clair VFD 2001 Washington Road Upper St Clair   Upper St Clair
285 Verona VFD 465 Parker Street Verona   Verona
286 Versailles VFD 4919 Third Street McKeesport   Versailles
287 United VFR 413 Wall AVE Wall   Wall
288 West Deer VFD #1 1520 Saxonburg BLVD Tarentum   West Deer
289 West Deer VFD #2 RD #2 Cheswick   West Deer
290 West Deer VFD #3 4372 Gibsonia Road Gibsonia   West Deer
291 West Elizabeth VFD 520 Fifth Street West Elizabeth   West Elizabeth
292 West Homestead VFD 447 West 8th AVE West Homestead   West Homestead
293 Homeville VFD #1 3900 Greensprings AVE West Mifflin   West Mifflin
294 Duquesne Annex VFD 1620 Pennsylvania AVE West Mifflin   West Mifflin
295 West Mifflin VFC #3 3772 Rodeo Drive West Mifflin   West Mifflin
296 Skyview VFD #4 Noble Road West Mifflin   West Mifflin
297 West View VFD Ridgewood AVE Pittsburgh   West View
298 Whitaker VFC 239 Church Street Whitaker   Whitaker
299 White Oak VFD #1 1130 California AVE White Oak   White Oak
300 Rainbow VFD 2916 Jacks Run Road White Oak   White Oak
301 Whitehall VFC 601 Weyman Road Pittsburgh   Whitehall
302 Wilkins VFD #1 835 Railroad Street Turtle Creek   Wilkins
303 Wilkins VFD #3 109 Powell Street East Pittsburgh   Wilkins
304 Wilkins VFC #4 Frazier Drive Pittsburgh   Wilkins
305 Wilkinsburg FD 605 Ross AVE Wilkinsburg   Wilkinsburg
306 Wilmerding VFD Station & Commerce AVE Wilmerding   Wilmerding
307 Bell Acres VFD 1850 Big Sewickley Creek Road Sewickley   Bell Acres
308 Fair Oaks VFD 190 Ambridge Avenue Fair Oaks   Leet Twp
309 Leetsdale VFD 85 Broad Street Leetsdale   Leetsdale
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